30 classic Irish ice creams that will take you back to your childhood
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30 classic Irish ice creams that will take you back to your childhood

IRELAND IS in the midst of that most rare of things: a heatwave.

And when the Sun is shining, there’s really only one thing to do: grab an ice cream.

Here at the Irish Post, we’ve got ice cream on the brain, so have decided to revisit 30 ice creams and ice lollies from days gone by -  so get ready to feel nostalgic.

30. Brunch


An Irish classic.

29. Zoom

AKA the spaceship lolly.

28. Mini Milk


One was never enough.


27. Wibbly Wobbly Wonder

So many flavours!


26. Twister

A fruity, ice cream delight.


25. That-a-way

Useful when giving directions.


24. Sparkles

Lemon & lime flavour was the best.

23. Solero


Like a tropical Magnum.

22. Screwball

Watch out for the bubblegum at the bottom!

21. Split


Your mum's favourite ice cream.

20. Orange Maid

One of your five a day.


19. Mr Freeze

 A corner shop favourite.

18. Maxi Twist

Something of a cult classic. 


17. Mars Ice Cream

Better than the chocolate bar.

16. Magnum


A fancy choc ice on a stick.

15. Loop The Loop

Sherbet! In an ice cream! 

14. Jumbo Ice Cream Sandwich


The only sandwich worth a damn.

13. Iceberger

If your mum brought these home, it made your day/week/year.


12. Hiawatha

A real one-off!

11. Giant Bar

 They lived up to their name.


10. Fruit Pastille Lolly

This one is still going strong!

9. Freaky Foot


That big toe was the best part.

8. Feast

Delicious but you always ate them quick.


7. FatFrog

Inspired the alcoholic drink of the same name.

6. Fab

An ice lolly to suit almost any taste.


5. Dracula

One of the strangest ice lollies out there.

4. Cornetto


 "Just one Cornetto! Give it to me!!"

3. Choc Ice

You could get 10 of these for the price of a Magnum.

2. Chilly Willy


Just a fruit flavoured lolly. Nothing sinister here.

1. Calippo

The juice at the end was the best part!