Dublin venue now serving delicious alcohol-infused ice cream
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Dublin venue now serving delicious alcohol-infused ice cream

A DUBLIN venue has come up with the must-have sweet treat of the summer, and we are dying to try it.

The masterminds in Drumcondra's Eatyard have put a boozy twist on a summertime favourite: alcohol-infused ice cream.

The simple yet genius combination sees soft scoop ice-cream infused with a drop of White Ralph, a gorgeously creamy new liquor from a local Dublin drinks club described as tasting like a White Russian cocktail: almond milk, generous measures of vodka, cream liquor and two secret ingredients.

The White Ralph / Decent Drinks Club

If you haven't had a White Russian before, those three ingredients may sound a little sketch-- but for those in the know, it is one of the sweetest, most delectable cocktails you can get, and the makers of the White Ralph have somehow improved on it.

That's why people are absolutely raving about the new, aptly-named Soft Ralph ice-cream, available now in the Eatyard in Drumcondra.

Launching the new product with a post on Instagram, The Soft Ralph, as part of Eatyard, shared a picture of two mouthwatering ice cream tubs, topped with sprinkles and a crumbly chocolate flake.

"Serving you the  'hardest' soft serve around, all day today [at] Eatyard!" a staff member wrote, adding that three more topping styles will be launched this weekend.

If you're lucky enough to be in Dublin-- or just fancy a road trip-- you can get your hands on a Soft Ralph ice cream at Cross Guns Bridge Eatyard in Drumcondra from Fridays to Sundays.

And if you want to check out the Dublin-created White Ralph cocktail that inspired the ice-cream, you can order one from the Decent Drinks Club website here.