Newly unearthed pictures from as far back as 1860 shed light on 'forgotten Ireland'

Newly unearthed pictures from as far back as 1860 shed light on 'forgotten Ireland'

Sarsfield Street, Killmallock

A NEW photographic book brings unseen photographs of Ireland to light, giving us a glimpse of what life on Irish streets looked like as far back as 1860. 

The book, entitled Lost Ireland 1860-1960, depicts the country’s heritage through some of its most troubled and transformational times and promises a "panoramic sweep of Ireland’s forgotten heritage."

Its author William Derham, current curator and tour guide at Dublin Castle, has assembled over 500 photographs from a variety of national archives.

The book depicts some of Ireland’s most historic buildings, with some still standing today while others have been destroyed.


Colum O’Riordan, writes in the foreword: ‘It is an architectural fact of life that buildings, like people, come and go…Sometimes the death of a building is sudden and unexpected, whether through accident or malice. Sometimes it comes through the creeping decay of old age, and sometimes buildings are euthanised, pulled down unceremoniously in their prime to make way for something new…As with portraits of people, a certain character of each building resonates from the photographs; some we might regard as curious, some we might wish to have known better, some we might even be glad we never met.’

Lost Ireland: 1860 – 1960 will be available in all good bookshops in the UK and Ireland from March priced at €50/£39.95 (ISBN 9780993068584) 

Check out some of the amazing photos below