An Irish restaurant has invented a Tayto Pizza, and it is glorious
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An Irish restaurant has invented a Tayto Pizza, and it is glorious

A PIZZERIA in Cork has created the ultimate Frankenstein meal by combining pizza and Taytos, and it might just be the most genius thing we've ever witnessed.

La Tana Pizza on Barrack Street in the southern city have been offering the special pizza on and off for the past few years, and have decided to roll it out yet again to boost spirits of adventurous eaters during lockdown.

The pizza restaurant-- who deliver by the way, so if you live in Cork you'd better try this right now for those of us who are unfortunately too far away-- announced they had reintroduced the delectable creation earlier this week with a Facebook video.

Is this the most glorious pizza ever created? (La Tana Pizzeria)

"Welcome back to the most Irish-Italian Pizza ever created in the history of the world," La Tana teased in a post announcing the return of the 'La Tayto'.


"It's a fresh handmade pizza with butter, a touch of garlic, a layer of mozzarella, ham, 2x bags of cheese and onion flavoured Taytos, and to finish it off we top it off with another layer of mozzarella."

For the vegetarians among us, we reckon the pizza will be just as good without the ham-- and maybe with some extra Taytos thrown in for good measure.

If your mouth is already watering at the thoughts of it, prepare to feel very hungry indeed when you check out the video of the glorious creation below.

And if you're close enough to try it, you can order from La Tana's website here.