Freeze! Gardaí in Ireland take on the 'mannequin challenge'
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Freeze! Gardaí in Ireland take on the 'mannequin challenge'

GARDAÍ at Dublin’s Store Street Station have given the internet’s latest fad a go, all to raise awareness for victims of domestic violence.

The ‘mannequin challenge’ is a viral video craze which has spread across the globe in recent weeks.

The challenge involves participants freezing in place for extended periods of time, often in improbable positions.

Officers in the video can be seen striking everyday poses from life at the station as a video-taker tests out their ability to keep still.

“We had 2 prisoners in the station at the time and this delayed the recording as arresting Gardai were dealing with them,” they wrote on their An Garda Síochana Facebook page.

“One of the prisoners wanted to be in the video but we were not sure he would recall giving his consent in the morning”.

Featuring prisoners being booked in, locked in their cells and breathalysed, the video has all the hallmarks of a day in the Gardaí life.

The video has since racked up over 83,000 views, and all Gardaí had to do was take their own advice: “Freeze!”

Check out the brilliant video below…