Irishman launches world's first business to twin pubs around the globe
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Irishman launches world's first business to twin pubs around the globe

A LONDON Irishman is hoping to connect pubs around the world by twinning bars in Ireland, Britain and beyond. 

Limerick native John Doyle, 68, aims to emulate the concept of twinning cities and towns, by creating an extensive worldwide network of pubs, and he claims to be the first in the world to offer such a service.

Doyle moved to London 30 years ago, and is now living in the city’s western borough of Hounslow.

He launched his Twin Your Pub venture online and has since received interest from pubs in countries in Russia, Argentina, Africa, Australia and the US.

Speaking to The Irish Post, Mr Doyle said: “The Twin Your Pub idea is not limited to Irish pubs, it’s open to everyone but it’s true that wherever you go in the world you’ll find an Irish pub in every city.”


The first pubs to have been twinned are the Coach and Horses Pub in Covent Garden and Pat’s Pub in Co. Limerick and Mr Doyle is confident that many more will join the network.

For an annual fee, of around £100, pubs will be twinned, receive business advice, be entered into raffles for football and rugby tickets, and become members of a 'Best Pub Club'.

Mr Doyle, a former electrical contractor, is also hoping that live video links can be organised between paired pubs in different countries to create an interactive drinking experience.

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