London Irish firm supports free school meals campaign
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London Irish firm supports free school meals campaign

A LONDON Irish firm supported students at its local high school by donating funds to provide 100 families with food during the school holidays.

The Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) made a £1500 donation to a crowdfunding initiative set up by Shaftesbury High School to assist their free school meals campaign during the October school holidays and for the impending Christmas break.

“We donated to help 100 families so that young people with their own challenges in everyday life can be supported over the half term period and also this Christmas, “a DSG representative told The Irish Post.

The school has since informed the construction firm that the money they have raised is going to help Shaftsbury High as well as three other special needs schools in the Harrow area.

The school’s Finance Officer sent her “heartfelt thanks” for the donation on behalf of the school, which is a small special needs high school, with just 175 pupils.


She added: “Donations like this just do not happen for our school, we really appreciate your generosity.”

Students at the school have since sent a collage painting to the firm to express their gratitude.

To donate to the school’s crowdfunder click here.