A definitive ranking of Tayto crisp flavours, from worst to best
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A definitive ranking of Tayto crisp flavours, from worst to best

When it comes to crisps in Ireland, it has to be Tayto – but which ranks as the greatest Tayto flavour of them all?

It’s the debate to end all debates. One capable of dividing families, breaking up friendships and ending romantic relationships altogether. It’s also one The Irish Post is wading into with wild abandon.

To be clear: this is a ranking of all the standard Tayto flavours – you won’t be finding any High Fives or Bikers here. What you will find is a ranking of the 10 standard flavours currently available, starting with the worst and running through to the best.

Here goes nothing…

10. Prawn Cocktail

The devil's favourite crisp flavour and an abomination to the palate and real-life prawn cocktails everywhere.

9. Spring Onion

The less attractive, less popular younger sibling of cheese and onion.

The Frank Stallone of Tayto crisps.

8. Roast Chicken

Turns out the world's most unimaginative roast dinner choice makes for a similarly unimaginative crisp

7. Wuster Sauce

You felt like the King of the Playground if you found a bag of these in your pack lunch at school.


6. Beef & Onion

A stone-cold cult classic and among the most moreish crisps in the Tayto stable.

5. Pickled Onion

Each bag packs one hell of a flavour punch.

If Steve Collins eats crisps, these are his brand.


4. Ready Salted

An oldie but a goodie, ready salted crisps go great in a sandwich or as a standalone snack.

Great for hangovers.

3. Smokey Bacon

Eva Longoria clearly has great taste when it comes to her meaty crisps.

A flavour for special occasions, to be savoured like a fine wine.

2. Salt & Vinegar

Controversial, perhaps, but this is about as close as it gets to experiencing the taste of the chipper in a bag.

1. Cheese & Onion

A crisp for any occasion and one packing plenty of flavour.

Cheese & onion Taytos earn bonus points for being perfection between two slices of bread.