Adorable 10-year-old girl finally able to cuddle her grandparents thanks to genius ‘hug curtain’ invention

Adorable 10-year-old girl finally able to cuddle her grandparents thanks to genius ‘hug curtain’ invention

AN ADORABLE 10-year-old girl has enjoyed a long-overdue cuddle from her grandparents after creating an inspired isolation-friendly “hug curtain”. 

Paige, from California in the US, has been unable to touch her grandparents ever since lockdown began in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

However, after watching several videos online of people using specially sealed “hug curtains” to embrace friends and relatives she set about making her own. 

The idea of a “hug curtain” couldn’t be simpler: it’s essentially a clear plastic sheet with sealed armholes for people to reach out and touch whoever is on the other side. 

With the help of her mum, Lindsay, who is a hospital nurse, Paige was able to make her very own at home using the creative combination of a used shower curtain, some disposable plates, glue and a couple of Ziplock bags. 

“Paige saw a video of someone who made this type of “blanket” to hug their family,” Lindsay explained in a post shared to Facebook. 

“She put together a list and she designed it so she could hug nana and papa.. this girl is so freaking amazing and we were so happy to be able to hug them!!” 

Once the hug curtain was constructed it was then a case of heading over to her grandparents’s house, attaching it to their doorway and waiting for their reactions. 

Both grandparents were overjoyed when they saw what greeted them at their front door: their beloved Paige, waiting to embrace them both. 

After months of patience they were finally able to hug their special little granddaughter and it was a moment to savour and cherish for all involved.. 

“This is so cool,” her grandmother gushed, understandably close to tears at such a kind and emotional moment for all involved. 

With Lindsay’s video of Paige attracting over 35,000 views already, it surely won’t be long before other families in Ireland and the rest of the world take note with hug curtains of their own. 

And, all being well, it won’t be too long before everyone gets to hug it out for real.