Adorable family of foxes take up residence at Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

Adorable family of foxes take up residence at Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

A SUPER-CUTE family of foxes has taken up residence at the iconic Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. 

The group, or skulk as they technically known, were first spotted by cloud solutions architect and nearby resident Leo O’Shaughnessy who began sharing videos and pictures of their exploits on Twitter. 

As many as six foxes, including several adorable fox cubs, can be seen in the clips circulating on social media.  

They appear to settled in an outside area of the St James’s Gate brewery, in amongst the many thousands of kegs potentially containing copious amounts of Guinness.

Dubbed the Guinness Foxes by O’Shaughnessy, it was initially feared that someone working for either Diageo or the Guinness Storehouse had stepped in to move the animals along. 

However, it has since been confirmed that they were actually making space for the foxes and moving a few kegs around to give them some much-welcome cover. 

In any case, videos of the fox cubs frolicking around the concreted area and playing with a discarded newspaper while their parents look on has proven a hit with animal lovers online. 

Oh how magical,” one follower wrote. 

“Wonderful,” another added. 

A third, meanwhile, summed it up perfectly: “At home with the black stuff! Lovely to see.” 

Quite what the future holds for the Guinness Foxes remains to be seen. 

Diageo may decide to leave them be. 

That certainly looks likely to be the case in the short-term with the Storehouse not set to reopen until later in the summer. 

By then, they may have moved on to pastures new. 

Alternatively, they may have settled in further and could prove a welcome addition to one of Dublin’s most popular tourist attractions. 

But with pubs still closed and freshly-poured pints of the black stuff an increasingly rare sight, those furry little foxes are currently living the dream of Guinness lovers all over Ireland.

Long may it continue!