Appeal saves Irish emigrant from burial in unmarked grave

Appeal saves Irish emigrant from burial in unmarked grave

A SUCCESSFUL appeal for information about an Irish man who died with no known next of kin in a Kent nursing home has prevented him from being buried in unmarked grave.

Medway Council issued an appeal to trace the family of the late Seán Parker.

Parker was born in early February 1935. He moved to Dublin then London and was a resident in Hopkinson House nursing home where he died on July 22 this year.

After a call out for information and discussion on RTE’s Liveline radio show and on local radio in  Galway, locals and the former principal of Ballincurry school, Marty Ward, were able to provide important information about Sean’s  background.

It is thought that Parker attended The Glinsk national school before moving to Dublin with his family after his mother died.

The Council had offered to costs of repatriation but two other businesses also offered to cover the costs after hearing the appeal.

Locals and those who cared for Parker before he died are now hopeful that he can be buried in a plot in the same graveyard as his mother in Galway.