Artist’s ‘goosebump moment’ as Shane MacGowan portrait hung in late singer’s favourite Irish pub

Artist’s ‘goosebump moment’ as Shane MacGowan portrait hung in late singer’s favourite Irish pub

A LONDON-BASED artist has created a stunning portrait of Shane MacGowan which is now on display in the late singer's favourite Irish pub.

Will McNally, whose mother hails from Tuam in Co. Galway, created the piece in honour of the musical legend who died on November 30, 2023.

Will McNally, Siobhan MacGowan and Philly Ryan at the portrait unveiling (Pics Carly Brown)

A professional artist, who has been commissioned to produce art for the likes of Akon and Pavarotti’s widow Nicoletta Mantovani, Mr McNally’s MacGowan piece is a hand-painted acrylic on canvas which took 100 hours to create.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Shane, he was such a genuine soul,” the told The Irish Post this week.

“Shane being born in the UK, like myself, from Irish heritage and his love for Ireland I could relate to him on so many levels, his art with music,” he added.

“He was just an all-round great human and It was a true privilege to paint the legend.”

The band playing at the Shane MacGowan portrait unveiling at Philip Ryan's pub in Tipperary (Pics Carly Brown)

Mr McNally was commissioned to paint the portrait by MacGowan’s sister Siobhan MacGowan so that it could be hung in the singer/songwiriter’s fabourite Philip Ryan pub in Nenagh, Tipperary.

The artist admits it was a “great honour that Shane’s favourite pub wanted to hang my painting, where he used to drink and sing songs and tell stories”.

Philip Ryan pub owner Philly Ryan talks to Siobhan MacGowan, Shane MacGowan's sister, at the event (Pics Carly Brown)

“For the locals I wanted it to be like he was always with them so the painting was a perfect tribute,” he added.

The portrait was unveiled at an event with Siobhan MacGowan and pub owner Philly Ryan among those in attendance on March 22.

Artist Will McNally spent 100 hours creating the artwork (Pic: Carly Brown)

I was a “special moment” for Mr McNally.

“Unveiling the painting to Siobhan MacGowan, Philly Ryan and some of Shanes close friends, who were all in awe of the painting, was a special moment,” he told The Irish Post this week.

“They shared some incredible stories of Shane, some funny, some touching,” he added.

Philly Ryan and Will McNally pictured with the portrait at Phili Ryan's pub (Pic: Carly Brown)

“A live traditional band was playing on the night which were truly incredible, and Shane’s portrait stood proudly next to the band as they played on through the night.

“It was a goosebump moment, Shane’s spirit was definitely with us,” he admits.

Will McNally is a professional artist whose work hangs in the homes of the rich and famous

McNally’s family and friends from Dublin and Galway travelled to Tipperary for the event, which is also the focus of a short documentary which is currently in production.