'Mindless and totally unprovoked' - Man savagely attacked by gang while out with husband

'Mindless and totally unprovoked' - Man savagely attacked by gang while out with husband

The man and his husband was attacked in Portlaoise, Co. Laois.

30-year-old Collie Aquino Teixeira McQuillan was walking with his husband Gui McQuillan in Hillview Drive on June 10 when he was assaulted by a gang of men.

The gang used hurls and pieces of wood to beat Mr Teixeira McQuillan as part of an unprovoked attack, leaving him badly bruised and bleeding.

The attack that happened "for no reason" according to the McQuillans has left Collie with a broken jaws and broken and knocked-out teeth.

As the McQuillans live in Ireland, it's predicted Collie's dental and medical costs will be in the region of 8,000 euro to fix the damage caused by the violent assault.

Mr McQuillan appealed for help on GoFundMe, writing "The attack was mindless and totally unprovoked. Medical expenses are mounting up and the overall cost of repairing the damage is more then unaffordable to myself.

He listed the injuries he sustained as part of the attack: "I have an upper and lower broken jaw. My lower jaw line has splintered bone and i have lost 2 teeth and another 2 teeth have been broken in half due to the impact there is nerve damage to my teeth and will require root canals to save them."

"The cost of both medical and dental repairs is about 8000 euro im hoping to raise at least half of this amount. Please if you can help with any donation at all nothing is too small it would me the world to me as this has been a huge knock to my confidence and has cause a lot of emotional stress and physical pain," he added.

Anyone wishing to donate to the cause of Collie McQuillan can click on his GoFundMe here.