Dublin boy with autism goes viral with spine-tingling rendition of ‘Hallelujah’

Dublin boy with autism goes viral with spine-tingling rendition of ‘Hallelujah’

A DUBLIN boy living with autism has become a social media sensation after a video of him singing the Jeff Buckley classic Hallelujah, went viral.

Nine-year-old Justin May-Kiely has spent most of his life living in fear of music.

For years, it was something he approached with a mixture of fear and distress.

But gradually, over time, that began to change.

Slowly but surely, Justin began to embrace music, learning songs through the films and television he watched.

They helped him become comfortable with a medium that often proves challenging to children with autism.

So, when Justin began singing and enjoying music for the first time, it was a moment his mum, Andrea, wanted to share with the entire world.

Taking to Facebook, she shared a clip of her boy singing ‘Hallelujah’.

It was a spellbinding moment and one that continues to send shivers down the spine, no matter how many times you watch it.

The internet evidently agreed, with the clip generating an incredible reaction on Facebook.

Andrea has been flooded with messages from fans all over the world praising Justin.

It’s a reaction that has “blown away” his kind and dedicated mum.

“Thanks everyone for the love and support Justin has got for his little video over the last couple of days we a truly blown away,” she wrote in response to the reaction on Facebook.

“As I'm sure yous all know Justin has autism and struggles with sound and music most of the time & to hear him sing so beautifully & enjoying the music is just amazing.”

Several more videos of Justin singing have been posted online since then, with each more impressive than the last.

Dublin has a new star.

** Originally Published on: Sep 18, 2019