Avid fundraiser launches new campaign to raise £50k for breast cancer charity

Avid fundraiser launches new campaign to raise £50k for breast cancer charity

A BIRMINGHAM Irishman who has been an avid fundraiser for decades has revealed his latest charity campaign.

Danny Ryan confirmed this week that he plans to raise £50,000 for the Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer (LFBC) organisation during 2022, a charity that is close to his heart.

The West Midlands man, whose late parents hailed from Kilkenny and Limerick, began his fundraising journey in 1988.

Since then, with the help of his many supporters, he has managed to raise a whopping £3million for good causes.

His achievements, which have featured in The Irish Post along the way, have included raising funds for vital medical equipment for all of the major hospitals in Birmingham.

His fundraising also saw him make a large donation towards the purchase of the Cyberknife machine now in use for brain tumour treatment at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Mr Ryan, who is a former Irish Post award winner and also the recipient of an MBE, lost his wife of 28 years Karen to breast cancer six years ago.

It is only now he feels ready to get back into fundraising, he says – and confirms that his chosen charity LFBC were a “great support during Karen's illness”.

Mr Ryan told The Irish Post that his target is to raise £50,000 during 2022 for LFBC.

He is launching that campaign this month, with a fundraising social evening due to be held at Scanlons Club in Hall Green, Birmingham, on October 30 from 8pm.

Tickets cost £5 on the door, with a night of music and song to be enjoyed by all who attend.