Baldwin surrenders phone to 'Rust' investigators

Baldwin surrenders phone to 'Rust' investigators

ALEC Baldwin has handed his phone over to police investigating the fatal shooting on the New Mexico set of the film "Rust".

The Santa Fe County sheriff’s office revealed earlier this week that it was still trying to get hold of the device, despite the warrant being first issued in December.

The Hollywood A-lister has said claims that he is not cooperating with the investigation are “not true”, and that he is "1,000% going to comply" with providing access to his phone.

In a video recorded in his car, Baldwin blamed the delay on the “process” of navigating the various interstate jurisdictions between New Mexico and New York, where the actor has a home.

In the clip, Baldwin said he was, "demanding that the organisations involved in this investigation do everything in their power to find out what really happened".

The irony of the message was not lost on some Twitter users, like Jake Posobiec, who wrote: “He also claims he is complying with the investigation while obviously recording the video on his phone that the sheriff has ordered him to turn over”.

Since the accident, set armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed has filed a lawsuit claiming that supplier PDQ Arm and Prop LLC gave her dummy ammunition mixed together with live rounds.

She also alleges that Baldwin is partly responsible for Hutchins’s death, after the actor apparently ignored a request to attend a crossbow safety training lesson – but the 30 Rock actor is not named in the lawsuit.

The Santa Fe sheriff's office is awaiting the relevant data from Baldwin's phone to be transferred by police from New York state's Suffolk County.

Investigators have said they would like to review Baldwin’s correspondences pertaining to his time on the "Rust" film set.

The search warrant indicates that he had an email exchange with the film's armorer about the firearms used on set.