BBC reporter Phil McCann goes viral covering petrol shortage

BBC reporter Phil McCann goes viral covering petrol shortage

A BBC reporter has gone viral due to his apt name while covering the petrol crisis in Britain.

A shortage of drivers has led to stations not receiving fuel deliveries, sparking panic buying among motorists.

As queues formed at stations around the country, the BBC decided to send none other than Phil McCann into the field to cover the story.

It's fair to say the perfect pun lightened the mood as the reporter went viral on social media on Saturday.

Even BBC presenters John Kay and Naga Munchetty couldn't resist a giggle back in the studio.

McCann's name was trending on Twitter as thousands pointed out the similarity between the moniker and the phrase 'fill my can'.

One Twitter user pointed out that McCann had joined an exclusive club of people with incredibly appropriate or ironic names for their jobs.

These included policeman Rob Banks, Andrew Drinkwater of the Water Research Centre and BBC weather presenter Sara Blizzard.

McCann, the BBC's political reporter for Cheshire, seemed to take the attention in good spirit, saying the jokes about his name were like being back at school.

He added that there were worse things to be trending for.

McCann hasn't let his viral fame go to his head however, and was back out on the forecourt today as motorists were urged to avoid panic buying fuel.

Yesterday, the British Government announced plans to help ease the crisis over the supply of fuel and goods, which has reportedly been caused by a lack of HGV drivers.

Plans include training 4,000 new drivers, contacting 1million HGV licence holders to encourage them to return to the industry and issuing 5,000 visas for overseas drivers to work in Britain until December 24.