Brendan Gleeson's praised for his 'magnetic' portrayal of Donald Trump in The Comey Rule

Brendan Gleeson's praised for his 'magnetic' portrayal of Donald Trump in The Comey Rule

BRENDAN GLEESON has been roundly praised for his performance as Donald Trump in The Comey Rule.

The controversial new TV drama is based on former FBI director James Comey's tell-all book 'A Higher Loyalty' and explores the clash of personalities between the two men around the time of the president's election victory and his early time in office.

The show is the first major production to feature a portrayal of Mr Trump since he became leader of the free world, so all eyes were naturally on Gleeson's performance - and he hasn't disappointed.

On social media, he was described as "magnetic" and applauded for an "unnervingly" good performance which at times felt too real to be an act.


"Literally do not understand how an actor can get this close to real; it seems to involve about a hundred simultaneous decisions," wrote American journalist Mark Harris.

"Brendan Gleeson as Trump–Just wow! Nailed it," wrote another social media user.

"He pulls you in. Malevolent seduction. Like the man himself, his is an evil not to be laughed off or underestimated," another said.

The 65-year-old actor reportedly spent two months working with a vocal coach to capture the president’s distinctive voice while he looked close to unrecognisable with blonde hair and a light powdering of orange make-up.


The Emmy winner who has previously played Sir Winston Churchill - delivered a rather dark portrayal of Mr Trump, starkly different to the over-the-top send-ups often seen on late night shows.