British and Irish beef among most expensive in Europe

British and Irish beef among most expensive in Europe

BRITISH beef is the most expensive in Europe – and beef from Ireland is hot on its tails.

A new report by the Livestock and Meat Commission shows that beef from Britain has retained its top spot, with the North of Ireland coming in second and beef from the Republic in fourth place.

An increase of 22.4 cent per kilo saw the average price of British beef rise to 480 cent – the biggest jump on the list.

The North’s price came in second, after an 18.5 cent increase put it at 472.8 cent per kilo, with the beef from the Republic coming in at 405 cent, following a 13.3 cent rise in the price per kilo.


France and Italy made up the remainder of the top five – Italy coming in third place and France in fifth.

The prices for January are compared with December figures – with the majority of the 16 countries surveyed seeing a rise in beef prices.

The value of the sterling against the euro is thought to behind the sharp increase in beef prices in Britain and the North of Ireland.