You can now rent your very own inflatable Irish pub

You can now rent your very own inflatable Irish pub

THERE ARE few places better equipped for a good time than an Irish pub.

The perfect venue for a night of alcohol-fuelled merriment, truly great Irish boozers can be hard to find. Or at least, they used to be.

Boston-based adult inflatables company PaddyWagon is hoping to change that though.

The go-to supplier for any adults seeking bouncy, blow-up fun of the family variety, they offer the world’s first inflatable Irish pub experience.

A full-service pub-themed party caterer, their legendary inflatable Irish pub is the stuff of legends and available to pitch up wherever you please – at a price of course.


Anyone renting out PaddyWagon’s services can look forward to a night of traditional Irish food and entertainment in a traditional Irish setting, albeit an inflatable one.

Best set up on a patch of perfectly cut grass, this adult bouncy castle experience fits as many as 80 partygoers at a time.

The 33-foot blow-up building is great setting for a proper sesh too with the bouncy walls ideal for anyone who is a little unsteady on their feet.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes the only drawbacks come with the inflatable pub’s $435 rental price and that fact it is probably only available to patrons in the US.

The Irish Post isn’t entirely ruling it out as unavailable to pub lovers located elsewhere in the world, but the chances are it would probably set them back considerably more if it is.


There’s always the alternative, of course, but there’s something a bit depressing about the idea of renting out a children's bouncy castle to have a few beers with your friends, isn’t there?