Catholic bishop condemned for claiming LGBT+ Pride events are ‘harmful for children’

Catholic bishop condemned for claiming LGBT+ Pride events are ‘harmful for children’

A CATHOLIC Bishop has come in for strong criticism online after urging Catholics not to attend Pride events because they promote a culture that is “contrary to the Catholic faith”.

The Bishop of Providence, Thomas Tobin, took to Twitter to urge Catholics not to support or attend any of the LGBTQ “Pride Month” events being held in the US over the course of June.

Bishop Tobin tweeted that LGBTQ events promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals” and “are especially harmful for children”.

His tweet soon went viral, with many quick to highlight the hypocrisy of such a warning given the number of sexual abuse allegations being levelled at the Catholic Church.

Numerous cases of alleged sexual abuse involving members of the Catholic church have come to light in recent years, with the Catholic Church also implicated in several alleged cover-ups.

Actress Mia Farrow was among those to criticise the tweet.

Star Trek actor Wilson Cruz was similarly critical.

As was wrestling legend Kevin Nash.

It was a worrying development for one writer.

While the UK's very own David Schneider was similarly scathing.

One American broadcaster, meanwhile, was quick to highlight Bishop Tobin's past.

Another saw the tweet as an example of why change is needed in the Catholic Church.

Despite the widespread condemnation of Bishop Tobin's claims, the offending tweet has nevertheless been retweeted 6,226 times and liked a further 23,140 times.