Charity seeking new homes for furry felines after 44 cats rescued from Irish property

Charity seeking new homes for furry felines after 44 cats rescued from Irish property

THE ISPCA is seeking new homes for some furry felines after a staggering 44 cats were rescued from a property in Co. Meath.

It is believed the property was originally home to just three cats only three years ago.

But having not been spayed or neutered, the felines ‘bred uncontrollably’ until the property was swamped.

An ISPCA Inspector discovered the cats after being tipped off by a call to the National Animal Cruelty Helpline.

Although healthy, the animals were surrendered to the charity due to the unsustainable rate at which they were breeding.


It would ultimately have led to more serious welfare issues due to the dangerous over-crowding.

The ISPCA is now seeking responsible new homes where the cats will be loved and cared for.


"This situation could have been prevented if the owner had neutered or spayed the three cats initially,” said ISPCA Inspector Elaine Reynolds.

“We need pet owners to be responsible by spaying and neutering their cats or kittens as early as possible.

“Our centres are consistently at capacity and it is vital that pet owners help us tackle the issue of pet over-population.

“Neutering and spaying is the most effective way to prevent cat over-breeding and it will go a long way in preventing unwanted litters of kittens from being born in the first place.”


As well as controlling numbers, spaying and neutering reduces the risk of certain cancers and curbs behavioural issues.

Cats available for adoption by responsible owners from the ISPCA – including those from the Meath property – can be viewed here.