Chorlton Irish Club goes up for sale despite members campaign to save it

Chorlton Irish Club goes up for sale despite members campaign to save it

THE Chorlton Irish Club has been put on the market despite a campaign by members to stop it being sold off.

The Friends of Chorlton Irish members group first flagged their concerns around the future of the club over a year ago, where they launched a petition to stop its closure.

Trustees of the Club took over its running at that time, promising to put the venue on a more sustainable path.

However, in the months that have passed the members group has flagged serious concerns about where the future for the venue lies and their worry that it would be sold off.

This week it was confirmed that the property had been put on the market with the Colliers estate agent.

A spokesperson for the Friends of Chorlton Irish group said: “There’s been no consultation with the membership about the sale.

“No accounts have been produced for members. And crucially no information has been given as to what will happen to the proceeds of any sale.

“Regardless of the legal position, from a moral standpoint an attempt to sell the club without the permission of the members is indefensible.”

In January members of the historic club, which was made an Asset of Community Value (ACV) by Manchester City Council in September 2019, sent an open letter to its Trustees calling for clarity on where its future lies.

Hundreds of Club members and supporters signed the letter, hoping to learn just what is to become of the popular centre, which was founded in 1956 as a meeting place for the Irish community.

Friends of Chorlton Irish believe the decision to sell the venue was made months ago.

“This cannot reasonably be seen as a direct response to the current crisis,” they say.

“A draft sales brochure has been in circulation since before Christmas. This appears to have been in the planning for months.”

They add: “The decision to go to market now, when there is no prospect of members meeting because of Covid-19, is shocking.

“But there’s a long way to go yet.”