These controversial Christmas tree flavour crisps are dividing the internet

These controversial Christmas tree flavour crisps are dividing the internet

CHRISTMAS IS coming even earlier this year for crisp fans thanks to Iceland's brand-new innovation: Christmas tree flavour crisps.

However, this potato-based innovation is proving divisive online, partly down to the fact they sound wholly unappetising on paper.

While the distinctive scent of the annual Christmas tree is a popular one for anyone looking to get in the festive mood, it's not one that's ever left anyone salivating.

Put simply: You wouldn't eat a Christmas tree, so why would you eat a crisp that tasted like one? Yet there's more to these potato shavings than meets the eye.

They don't actually contain any bits of Christmas tree, for starters, so there's no risk of getting a pine needle caught between your teeth.


These controversial Christmas tree flavour crisps are dividing the internet.

Instead, the Luxury Christmas Tree Flavour Salted crisps have been made using oil from real pine needles.

Speaking to News Shopper, Iceland's Head Chef, Neil Nugent, described the new crisps as "unlike any other festive flavour" out there.

"At Iceland we are always evolving our product range to include the latest foods and trends," he said.

"The Christmas Tree Crisps have a slight ready salted flavour with a hint of pine that creates a completely new combination, unlike any other festive flavour."

While that is likely to be enough to tempt some crisp lovers into splashing out on the crisps, the product has proven more divisive on social media.


"In Iceland and just found the weirdest crisps ever they had Christmas tree flavour? WTF? I've never looked at a Christmas tree and thought what do they taste of has anyone?" one person wrote on Twitter.

"Christmas Tree flavour crisps? Pine with a hint of bauble? Do they sparkle if you open them in the dark?" another asked.


It's not just the choice of flavour that has got some people's backs up either - some are just baffled as to why Christmas crisps are on sale already.

It's only October!