Church bells will ring together in Ireland for Great Famine victims

Church bells will ring together in Ireland for Great Famine victims

A DUBLIN group is campaigning to have every church in Ireland toll their bells at once, in memory of the victims of the Great Famine.

The Committee for the Commemoration of Irish Famine Victims (CCIFV) was the driving force behind annual National Day of Remembrance for Famine victims, which takes place every summer around the world.

Now, the group are planning a major commemoration on September 26 – determined to have every church of every religious denomination toll their bells at the same time across the entire island of Ireland.

“As far as I can recall, this will be a first for Ireland – the first time that churches across the whole island of Ireland, off all denominations, will reunite in remembrance,” CCIFV member Michael Blanch told

“This will be an historic day where everybody will be united in the light of peace.

“It will show the universality of the famine, Protestant, Catholic and dissenter lie in mass graves side by side on the island of Ireland and we should now stand side by side in remembrance.”

CCIFV have been leading a separate campaign to set a fixed date for the annual Famine remembrance.

Though the victims are remembered every year, it has been on random dates since its inception in 2008.

While they expressed disappointment at no Government commitment on this front, they hope this event will be celebrated around Ireland this year.

CCIFV’s commemoration is expected to take place nationwide in Ireland on September 26.