CNN anchor and US election hero John King shows some love for his new fans in Ireland

CNN anchor and US election hero John King shows some love for his new fans in Ireland

JOHN KING has been the standout star of the 2020 US election coverage with his incredible dedication and deft handling of the “magic wall” mapping out all of America’s major voting battlegrounds.

King has slept an estimated 6.5 hours since the polls began closing all the way back on Tuesday - but you wouldn’t know it from watching his peerless coverage of goings-on across the US.

A mainstay of CNN’s election coverage since 2008, King’s majestic handling of the various intricate ins and outs of the polling has proven mesmerising to watch.

It’s not just US audiences who have become captivated by the Boston native’s mastery of the digitised map either with fans popping up all over the world – including over in Ireland.

“Watching the CNN election coverage from Ireland and it is pure brain candy, loving the magic wall, John King is playing a blinder,” one Irish fan wrote.

“John King is growing a cult like following in Ireland,” another declared.

“Loving the coverage all the way over here in Ireland,” a third said, while a fourth said: “We need John in Ireland covering the next election. Hope he brings his magic wall too.”

Elsewhere, writer Roisin Ingle said Ireland has “flipped” for King while fellow scribe Dean van Nguyen said “John King enjoying CNN’s Ireland audience is up about 5,000% at the moment. You love to see it.”

Vicky Phelan was also among those to praise the CNN stalwart as our “new favourite Irish son” while Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee even sent a tweet to the TV anchor asking: "Is @JohnKingCNN Irish yet?"

In a surprise twist King responded simply “always” and later shared an image of the Irish flag and a shamrock in an apparent nod to his Irish roots.

King is of Irish ancestry and would no doubt receive a hero's welcome if he visited the Emerald Isle.

His response to McGee's tweet, combined with his dazzling efforts on CNN was enough to send the entire Emerald Isle into a frenzy on social media.

“What are the odds that John King becomes a fixture in Ireland à la Chris Hadfield? I foresee an appearance on The Late Late Show and an honorary degree from Trinity College,” one new fan said.

“Great to see @JohnKingCNN fast becoming a household name in Ireland,” another said.

“One of the best in the business. My new claim to fame over here may be that John’s father and mine grew up together in Dorchester (Boston’s best neighbourhood).”

“Always enjoy John King on CNN doing deep dives into random and often obscure counties on his touch screen,” a third said.

“Would love to see someone do it for electoral districts in Ireland. ‘Voters in Templeogue-Limekiln have gone left at every election since it was just fields in 1965.’”

A fourth concurred: “John King's magic whiteboard is mesmerising.”

Ireland has a new King and his name is John.