'Coldest night of the year' - Britain set to be colder than Iceland tonight

'Coldest night of the year' - Britain set to be colder than Iceland tonight

GET the wooly hats and gloves out!

The Met Office is predicting the coldest night of the year to hit Britain tonight with temperatures as low as -10C, making the UK temporarily even colder than Iceland.

Central London will see temperatures of around -1C, while on the outskirts of the city things will drop even further to -3 or -4.

The coldest parts of the country will be Scotland and Yorkshire, where temperatures will be between -5 and -6, with a chance they could drop to -10. If they do, it means tonight will be the coldest night of 2017, breaking the previous record set on Saturday where Topcliffe in Yorkshire recorded -6.3C.

The first flakes of snow of the winter period fell in Central London today as shoppers and commuters in Oxford Circus scurried through cold.

Elsewhere, there was heavy snowfall in Newcastle and in some other northern parts of the country.

The Met Office's basic forecast for the country tonight says parts of the UK 'will be windy with widespread frost'. So drivers, get your scrapers out.

"Showers in the north and close to western and eastern coasts will be wintry at height and could lead to icy roads," the national weather service warned.

Temperatures are set to plummet even lower at the start of Thursday, 'with sunshine in the west, and wintry showers in the east'. The Met Office advised that snow in the east could affect towns as far south as Suffolk.

It's predicted that this winter could be even colder for Britons than the winter of 2009-10, which saw the coldest winter in the UK since 1978-79, severe snow and record low temperatures.

The Arctic weather, which is now nicknamed the Big Freeze, caused widespread travel chaos, power failures, sport cancellations and even 25 deaths.