Conor McGregor praises Daniel Cerrone's 'amazing' grandmother in wake of UFC win

Conor McGregor praises Daniel Cerrone's 'amazing' grandmother in wake of UFC win

CONOR MCGREGOR enjoyed a touching embrace with his opponent Daniel Cerrone’s grandmother in the wake of his quickfire win at UFC 246.

The Notorious took just 40 seconds to defeat ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone on his return to the Octagon after more than a year away from the sport.

But there was no bad blood between the two fighters in the wake of the bout, which featured a heartfelt exchange between McGregor and 82-year-old Jerry Cerrone.

Stepping into the octagon after the fight to embrace her defeated grandson, Jerry then made a beeline for the Irishman, with the pair enjoying a heartfelt hug.

It marked a notable departure from the bad blood and mass brawl that marred McGregor’s previous bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018.


The good feeling continued into the post-match interviews, where McGregor singled out Cerrone’s grandmother for praise.

"She's an amazing woman. She was here for the first fight of the night,” he said.

"What a woman, [who] has raised such a phenomenal fighter that's etched in the annals of this game.

McGregor continued: "She's a phenomenal women, that lady.

"She's there from the first fight of the night to the final fight of the night.


“She showed me respect and I showed her respect and it was great to finally meet her. What a lady, and what a man she's raised."

While talk has now turned to a potential rematch with Nurmagomedov, McGregor is just focusing on more fights and more training.

"I like this [welter]weight division," he said, "I feel really good. It's good going up and down [weight divisions].

"God willing I came out of here unscathed. I'm in shape. I don't believe I'm there yet, though. I still have work to do to get back to where I was.

"So I'm going to party tonight, celebrate, spend time with my family and then get back in the gym and train.

"And anyone of these little mouthy fools can get it, all of them."