This Cork woman wants your old and unwanted bras

This Cork woman wants your old and unwanted bras

A WOMAN in Cork has launched an appeal for any and all unwanted bras.

Anne-Marie Kingston, from White Sage Decluttering, is desperate to get her hands on a selection of undergarments both old and new.

But before any alarm bells start ringing in your head, it’s worth explaining that Ms Kingston’s bra crusade is all for a good cause.

A declutterer by profession, she has decided to put the unique skills she has acquired through her work to charitable use.

She is collecting the undergarments as part of a concerted effort to provide support to impoverished women in South Africa.

In certain regions of the world underwear remains a luxury item.

Ms Kingston is determined to make a difference in whatever way she can.

The result is the new bra collection campaign, which has already been met with a positive reaction from members of the public desperate to do their bit.

She has so far received parcels from all over Ireland.

Anyone wanting to donate can also do so via one of four drop-off points.

They are listed as follows:

Hot Knickers Lingerie, Clonakilty

Clonakilty Community Hospital

Jem Crafts, Dunmanway

Violette, Skibbereen

Anyone wishing to do their bit for the cause will need to move quickly – the deadline for bra donations has been set at Saturday, December 21.