A dating app exclusively for Irish and British expats living abroad has been launched

A dating app exclusively for Irish and British expats living abroad has been launched

A NEW dating app has been launched exclusively for British and Irish people living overseas.

'Swanned', which aims to help expats find their soulmate by connecting them with others living away from home, was created by British entrepreneurs Natalie Smith, 36, and Isla Cameron, 38.

It specifically targets Irish and British folk who might find it difficult finding 'the one' in a foreign country.

It's only been launched in Australia for now but there are plans to expand the app into Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

The app focuses on building lasting relationships and has a number of features designed to help users identify that special someone.

First of all, each profile reveals how long the user has lived in the country and if they intend to stay, to reduce the risk of falling for someone who is about to bugger off home to Europe.

It allows you to ask potential matches personal preference questions, like 'early-bird or night-owl?' or 'cup of tea or vodka martini?'.

They've eliminated the notion of mindless swiping seen on apps like Tinder. Users can see who has 'liked' them up front, without having to waste time endlessly dragging their finger across their screen.

Speaking about their creation, Smith and Cameron said from what they've seen, most people tend to gravitate towards people who share their customs and culture while overseas.

"Well over a million Brits and Irish live in Australia, and from our research we found that many people wanted to meet someone who, like them, was a blend of cultures," they said.

"Moving to the other side of the world can be very disorientating. It can be one of the most exciting experiences, but it can also be really unsettling without having friends and family around.

"Swanned gives those in a similar position an easy platform to expand their circle of friends and form relationships with those who have a similar background."

While the app has a very clear target market, they stress that Swanned is perfect for anyone with a romantic interest in either nationality, and encourage anyone with an attraction to Irish/British people to download it.

*Irish singletons across the miles, you're in luck!