Derry Girls team-up with Saoirse Ronan for hilarious sketch performing Irish version of 'Imagine'

Derry Girls team-up with Saoirse Ronan for hilarious sketch performing Irish version of 'Imagine'

THE CAST of Derry Girls teamed up with Saoirse Ronan for a special crossover sketch in aid of Irish Comic Relief. 

Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Nicola Coughlan, Dylan Llewellyn, Louise Harland and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell reunited over Zoom for a special short in aid of the charity. 

But they were not alone with the fabulous five eventually joined by Little Women star and Irish Hollywood A-lister Saoirse Ronan. 

The resulting sketch provided one of the highlights of a busy night for Irish comedy, with the five Derry Girls coming together to organise a special skit to include Ronan in. 

There’s just one problem, of course – none of them have any idea what to do. 

And despite insisting they really are, definitely, nothing like their Derry Girls characters, each ends up acting a lot like them. 

Nicola, for example, has been busy writing a detailed script for them to perform, only to suddenly realise she has ended up copying, word-for-word, an episode of The Wire (her mam is a big fan). 

Jamie Lee, meanwhile, regales the group with a very vivid dream involving "your man, the GAA player" aka Paul Mescal from Normal People and another involving Fleabag’s Hot Priest. 

Louise can only suggest wearing hats while Dylan has been busy with a bit of colouring in. 

In any case, it’s not long before Saoirse arrives on the call, much to Saoirse-Monica's horror/delight. 

Struggling to come up with a sketch to get the Academy Award nominee involved in, the gang instead begin performing an Irish version of John Lennon’s Imagine in an amusing reference to the vomit-inducing Gal Gadot-led celebrity effort from a few months back. 

Hilarious from start to finish and the perfect warm-up ahead of Derry Girls season three, which the cast are due to resume work on in the coming weeks.