A powerful documentary on IRA activist Dolours Price has arrived on Netflix

A powerful documentary on IRA activist Dolours Price has arrived on Netflix

A NEW documentary focusing on the life of militant IRA activist and dissident Republican Dolours Price has just arrived on Netflix, having earned great reviews.

I, Dolours, from director Maurice Sweeney, presents a powerful and disturbing portrait of Price, who died in 2013 and spent time in prison for her role in the IRA bombing of London's Old Bailey in 1973.

The documentary sees the once-idealistic Price reflect on her part in the troubles and the depths she was willing to sink to in the name of the cause.

Two years prior to her death Price agreed to conduct a filmed interview on the condition it would never be broadcast during her lifetime.

The resulting interview with The Irish News, which forms the basis of I, Dolours, saw Price confess to her involvement in the murder of Jean McConville, a mother of 10 from west Belfast who was abducted and killed by the IRA in 1972.

McConville was suspected by the IRA of passing on information to British forces, though a police investigation, conducted decades later, found no evidence she was an informer.

Her body was eventually discovered on a beach in Louth in 2003, following a tip-off from the IRA.



Now available to stream on Netflix, I, Dolours garnered positive reviews with The Belfast Telegraph praising Sweeney's film as "powerful, disturbing and honest".

RTE noted that while it was "the most disturbing film of the year" it was "also one of the best".

The Irish Times, meanwhile, praised the documentary as "absolutely essential" viewing.

Elsewhere POV Magazine commended the film's ability "to handle a loaded issue with respect, treating its source with dignity but without falling into reverence, exploring the history without accepting it."

I, Dolours is available to watch now.