Donald Trump's sons still haven’t paid the tab on their Doonbeg pub crawl

Donald Trump's sons still haven’t paid the tab on their Doonbeg pub crawl

THEY ENJOYED a warm welcome during their tour around the pubs of Doonbeg, but Eric and Donald Trump Jr may have forgotten one important detail from their epic bar crawl – the bill.

Donald Trump’s sons poses for pictures and pulled pints during a memorable night for the Co Clare town that left more than a few with sore heads the next day.

Caroline Kennedy, the owner of Igoe bar and restaurant, was full of praise of Eric and Donald Jr.

She told the Irish Mirror: "They were so lovely and down to earth and gave a great hello to everyone. I said, ‘Come on lads you have to come in and pull a drink’ so they did."

"They were so nice, they came into the restaurant and the local priest Fr Haugh presented them with a picture of the two castles of Doonbeg.

"They thanked everyone for their support and for coming out to meet them and said there was a drink for everyone in the house and it was their small gesture."

Unfortunately, when it came time to footing the bill, things hit a slight snag with neither of the brothers carrying any cash.

Kennedy isn’t worried though, having been assured the hefty bar bill would be paid for.

"I don’t think we’ve to worry about getting paid for that," she said.

"I don’t think they carry cash. We were told it’d be all sorted later so there’s no problem.

"We have the world press in our village and we are being zoomed in around the world and you couldn’t buy that publicity."

The Trumps enjoy hero-like status in Doonbeg thanks to the presence of the President’s golf course and hotel resort, which supplies 300 jobs to the region.

The five-star facility also provides a welcome boost to local suppliers, restaurants and tourism as a whole.