Donald Trump ‘tricked into phone call with prankster pretending to be Piers Morgan’

Donald Trump ‘tricked into phone call with prankster pretending to be Piers Morgan’

A PRANK caller who posed as Piers Morgan managed to trick Donald Trump into thinking he was having a conversation with the outspoke television personality. 

According to Morgan, the alleged call took place last October while the former US President was travelling aboard Air Force Once. 

In fact, the Good Morning Britain presenter claimed Trump only realised he had been conned after he spoke to the real Morgan the next day while travelling to Florida. 

Speaking to the BBC, Morgan recalled the “hilarious story”. 

"Somebody had called him pretending to be me the day before and got through to him on Air Force One and they had a conversation with Trump thinking he was talking to me,” he said. 

It is not yet known who the prankster who managed to speak to Trump was or whether the conversation was recorded. 

Morgan and Trump have a relationship dating back more than a decade to when the former newspaper editor won a series of the Celebrity Apprentice. 

Once an avid supporter of the ex-President, Morgan previously interviewed Trump for ITV. 

However, relations between the pair soured over Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with Morgan branding the 74-year-old a “useless leader”. 

The former News of the World boss was among the first to criticise Trump in the immediate hours following his departure from the White House. 

"You blew it, Donald," he tweeted. 

"If you'd shown Americans leadership & empathy when it really mattered in the past year, you'd have been re-elected. 

"Instead, you failed them. Spectacularly badly. 

"And now you slink off as a gutless, graceless sore loser. How pathetic. 

"Shame on you."