Dublin chippers offering €5 meal deals in aid of suicide prevention charity

Dublin chippers offering €5 meal deals in aid of suicide prevention charity

CHIPPERS around Dublin are teaming up to offer €5 meal deal to customers in an attempt to raise money for the suicide prevention charity Pieta House.

Around 50 chippers in the capital have decided to take part in the initiative, which is due to last all day Wednesday.

The €5 offer will apply to a cod & chips, quarter pounder and chips, and a chicken snack box for walk-in customers throughout the day.

Pieta House themselves posted a list of all the lovely chippers who are getting involved.

Donation buckets for the charity will reportedly be on display for anyone who'd like to give more than a cod & chips' worth.

One of the participating chippers posted on their Facebook page:

"We will all be wearing our PIETA house T.Shirts with pride and will have donations buckets on the counters, remember every single cent counts towards the final figure so give whatever you can.

"Each shop will be making their own personal contribution towards this amazing charity too.

"Suicide awareness and prevention is a necessity and unfortunately it has affected a great many of us so please join us on January 15th and help raise the funds that are so greatly needed."

The fundraiser was organised by The Irish Italian Chipper Communities.

The restaurants are coming together in honour of Enrico Marsella who was involved with The Irish Italian Chipper community, and sadly died in August 2019.

A spokesperson for the initative said, "Enrico was just 21 when he passed.

"He was a huge part of our family and our community.

"Never ever feel alone in the fight for help. Emotional pain is just as serious as physical pain.

"With the support you’ll get from Pieta House, you’ll start to heal.

"Support our campaign to support Pieta House, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm so they can help men, women and children to find help & hope for the future."

Pieta House is a charity that provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm

For more information about the charity, or to donate to them directly, click here.