Dublin named among the top 10 'sexiest' cities in the world

Dublin named among the top 10 'sexiest' cities in the world

DUBLIN HAS been named among the top 10 sexiest cities in the world.

The Irish capital came in 8th on the countdown, conducted by Big 7 Travel.

Using a wide variety of data, such as sexual activity levels, the number of romantic restaurants and their general reputation, the travel firm was able to put together a top 10.

Miami took top honours, with the study citing the city’s “vibrant nightlife” and “rich party culture” as the key reasons for its high ranking.

It came in just ahead of Paris, which fared well thanks to a heady mix of fine cuisine, wine and some of the most romantic sights in the world.

Unusually Denver in Colorado came in third place, just ahead of Copenhagen, with the Danish capital earning brownie points for previously ranking as the second sexiest nationality on the planet.


Cape Town completed the top five, thanks in no small part to the statistic that South Africans rank third globally for sex toy searches on Google.

It was a good day for Ireland though with Dublin coming in eighth.

According to the Big 7 Travel research, much of that was to do with the presence of the distinctive Irish accent, which has previously been ranked as the sexiest in the world.

Coming in just ahead of Los Angeles and Liverpool, it would appear that Ireland’s warm welcome extends a little longer than some might have expected.