Irish pub defies lockdown to reopen for takeaway pints as owner blasts 'incompetent' government

Irish pub defies lockdown to reopen for takeaway pints as owner blasts 'incompetent' government

A DUBLIN pub has announced plans to defy Ireland’s Level Five lockdown restrictions by serving takeaway pints from its premises. 

Kavanagh’s Pub on New Street had been compliant with the government’s advice on not serving alcohol as part of the country’s concerted effort to fight back against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

However, after almost a year of being unable to properly trade, the pub’s owners have apparently had enough. The final straw came with the announcement that Level Five lockdown restrictions would continue in Ireland until April 5 at the earliest. 

Now the pub is planning to go against the government’s rules on serving takeaway alchol, with the owner explaining his reasoning in a social media post hitting out at the “incompetent” government. 

It read: “As our incompetent leaky leaders in Leinster House top up their already exorbitant salaries, businesses like ours are going to the wall. 


“We have always been compliant with & very mindful of public health advice but after almost a full year of little or no trade it’s very evident that we’re NOT “All in this together”. 

“We will no longer be going along with Mehole’s [Micheal Martin] asking of us not to sell takeaway pints.” 

The pub is planning to open from Thursday to Saturday, 12:30pm to 8pm and on Sundays from 12:30pm to 6pm. 

While food is set to be available, there is some bad news for anyone hoping to defy lockdown rules with a pint or two. 

As the post explains:  "We will also be selling Pints of Heineken & Coors for takeaway. Unfortunately, we can’t get any Guinness products." 

Back in January, Government leaders warned that the sale of takeaway pints would be prohibited and considered a breach of lockdown rules. 


Leo Varadkar was particularly critical of the practice, claiming it was “not on” during the pandemic and that pints with lids were also banned under the rules. 

Taoiseach Micheál Martin meanwhile told the public to “forget the pints” for this Level Five lockdown. 

Kavanagh’s Pub has since deleted the Facebook post criticising the government and outlining plans for its reopening. Whether it follows through with the scheme remains to be seen.