Dublin pub inundated with calls after launching ‘dial-a-pint' delivery service

Dublin pub inundated with calls after launching ‘dial-a-pint' delivery service

A DUBLIN pub that launched a ‘Dial-a-pint" service delivering Guinness and other familiar favourites to drinkers across the Irish capital has been flat out with orders for the past month. 

Graingers Hanlons Corner launched has been delivering freshly-pulled pints of the black stuff along with other beers, wines, bottles and cans to a thirsty, housebound public.  

They also deliver roast dinners on Sundays and other pub favourites for anyone looking to recreate the magic of a good Irish boozer from the comfort of their front room or garden.  

Staff have taken extra care to ensure every delivery adheres to Ireland’s strict social distancing rules and hygiene rules too. 

Graingers Hanlons Corner first alerted fans to their Guinness delivery service plans via Facebook.  


"We here at Graingers Hanlons Corner will deliver a freshly pulled pint of Guinness or any pint of your choice and deliver to your door!” they wrote.  

"Health restrictions apply! You must collect from car door and will be served in a pint sized plastic glass!  

"Call us today and order your wine, cans and bottles of beer and cigarettes for home delivery on 018384181 or 0872379014." 

The service, which runs from 10am to 10pm every day, has been flooded with orders ever since. 

Richard Grainger, who owns the family-run pub, told the Irish Mirror they have “been hounded with calls” ever since the service launched. 

"The customers ring the off licence and give their address and phone number and how many pints they want,” he explained. 

“The pints go into a container and we put tops on them so they are sealed, then we put them into the back of the jeep and bring it to their house."


Image: Graingers Hanlons Corner

Despite only operated within a two kilometre radius from the pub, Mr Grainger revealed they have received orders from America, Australia, Dubai and Turkey from people wishing to surprise family back home, who live near the pub. 

"Times are hard so when people get the drink they really appreciate it,” Mr Grainger told the Irish Mirror. 

"We look after people who are cocooning and can't get out of their house. Some of them have been drinking from the age of 17 and are used to having a pint every day so we look after them. 

"It's nice for us to be able to get that for them. The people who are cocooning love it and really appreciate seeing us coming. We haven't had any bad comment about it." 

With the pub serving an estimated 150 to 180 pints a day, it’s fair to say Graingers Hanlons Corner is doing their bit to lift spirits – and pints – across Dublin. 


Now we’ll drink to that.