Elephant stuck in swamp rescued by villagers in India

Elephant stuck in swamp rescued by villagers in India

FOOTAGE has emerged of an elephant had managed to get stuck in a swamp being rescued by a number of villagers in India.

The elephant was allegedly separated from its herd before getting stuck in what appears to be very deep pools of mud near Sundargarh in the Odisha region of southern India.

Villagers banded together to try and rescue the giant creature

Struggling to climb free, the huge animal was spotted by passing villagers who quickly contacted forest officials, police, and fire officials, who were all able to aid in the rescue with a number of tools and sheer man-power.

By using a massive log as a ballast and long strips of fabric to drag the elephant out of the water, eventually the villagers were able to set it free.

Eventually they got it back on its feet and the elephant ran off into the forest

It took around two-to-three hours for them to rescue the elephant, and once back on its feet, it trundled off into the undergrowth.

Well done to those involved who acted so quickly!