Every household in Ireland to be given two free postcards by An Post

Every household in Ireland to be given two free postcards by An Post

AN POST is pulling out all the stops to ensure friends and family stay connected during this extended period of social distancing.

Ireland’s national post service is to send two free postcards to every household across the country.

The postcards will be free to send and have been designed to encourage people to stay in touch with one another during this period of lockdown.

A grand total of five million postcards have been created by An Post as part of the campaign and will be delivered to households across Ireland.

Some 1.8 million households across Ireland will receive the cards with extras set to be made available for people to pick up from their local post office.

According to An Post CEO David McRedmond the idea is to “let [others] know you’re thinking of them”.

“Write to your grand-parents or older relatives and friends who are self-isolating; write to someone who is living alone or who could do with a boost,” McRedmond said.

He is calling on the public to reach out to friends, family or those continuing to work during these busy times.

“Then pop the postcards in the postbox when you’re out for a walk – there’s no need for a stamp. The postmen and postwomen of Ireland will deliver your message free-of-charge to your loved ones,” he said.

The perfect way to raise spirits and foster some of Ireland’s famous community spirit, the cards can be sent anywhere on the island of Ireland – so get involved!