'This is sensational' - Fans applaud 'extraordinary' Ronan Tynan performance at George HW Bush's funeral

'This is sensational' - Fans applaud 'extraordinary' Ronan Tynan performance at George HW Bush's funeral

IRISH TENOR Ronan Tynan delivered another moving, powerful performance that touched onlookers far and wide at the state funeral of George HW Bush.

The performance came just days after Tynan paid a special visit to the bedside of the 41st President in the final few hours of his life.

Surrounded by friends and family, Bush could be seen reportedly mouthing along as Tynan sang Silent Night and an Irish Gaelic song for a man who held him in the highest esteem.

Tynan's close relationship with the Bush family is well documented.

The 58-year-old Kilkenny-born vocalist performed at the 8th birthday of George HW Bush, at the second inauguration of George W. Bush and at a St. Patrick's Day reception with President Bush and the Irish Taoiseach at the time, Bertie Ahern.

His performance in front of a packed-out congregation of dignitaries from the world of politics and beyond at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, however, may rank among his very best.

You can watch Tynan’s performance and the entire state funeral below. Ronan first performs around 1 hour 10-minute mark and again at around 1 hour 50 minutes on the video below.

Tynan's rendition of Last Full Measure of Devotion, a song inspired by the words of another American President, Abraham Lincoln, and The Lord's Prayer provided the perfect send-off for a President who enjoyed an illustrious career.

Tynan's efforts were made all the more powerful for the fact they were accompanied by the Armed Forces Chorus and the United States Marine Corps orchestra.

It was a performance that garnered an incredible response online with many watching on at home taking to Twitter to voice their appreciation for Tynan's efforts.

For some, Tynan's performance evoked painful memories and the efforts made by the Irish tenor to help heal those wounds.

Others were moved to tears for slightly different but no less relevant reasons.

Tynan even managed to convert a few listeners to the work of Irish tenors.

One tweet summed up the Irish tenor's performance best of all though.

R.I.P. George HW Bush and congratulations to Ronan Tynan - you did us proud.