Flock of sheep visit deserted McDonalds during lockdown

Flock of sheep visit deserted McDonalds during lockdown

A FLOCK of sheep have been spotted visiting a McDonalds which has remained shut ever since lockdown measures were put into place.

They were caught on camera crowding around a restaurant in Ebbw Vale, Wales on Saturday afternoon.

No one's quite sure if they've wandered into the town in search of food or even perhaps even employment, but one's thing's for certain: McDonalds will always attract customers, pandemic or no pandemic.

Andrew Thomas, who shared the photo on social media, joked: "Even the sheep in Ebbw Vale are having McDonald's withdrawals."

"There are aways sheep wandering the streets of Ebbw Vale where they come down off common but never seen them in McDonald's before.

"I was leaving Aldi next door after doing some shopping for my mother who is on isolation and stopped on the way out to take the picture."

The remarkable photo goes to show how much of an impact coronavirus lockdown is having on  urban areas.

It comes after the news that fox numbers are thriving in major cities in the UK and Ireland, with their scavenging efforts going largely undisturbed, while seagull numbers are falling, due to the fact there's no one around to toss them the odd chip every now and then.

The photo of the sheep, while rather cute, has something of an eerie vibe to it.

Let's just thank our lucky stars it's the sheep and not the chickens or the cows peering through those windows - I doubt they'd be too thrilled if they got a glimpse of the menu!

Similar scenes have been caught on camera across the country including the flock of sheep spotted playing in a deserted children's playground in Monmouthshire.