Footage of Conor McGregor punching Irish pensioner who refused free whiskey surfaces

Footage of Conor McGregor punching Irish pensioner who refused free whiskey surfaces

DISTURBING FOOTAGE of Conor McGregor punching an elderly man in the head during a dispute over whiskey in an Irish pub has surfaced online.

The footage obtained by TMZ Sports comes from an incident that occurred at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin on April 6.

In the footage, McGregor can be seen talking to patrons at the bar.

A bottle of his popular Proper Twelve whiskey appears, and McGregor begins lining up glasses so that each of the men at the bar can have a taste.

However, the problems begin when one of the elderly men refuses the offer of a free drink, twice moving away the cup McGregor places in front of him.

With tempers evidently flared, McGregor proceeds to down a shot of his whiskey with the other drinkers before suddenly aiming a left fist at the temple of the man.

Two men immediately grab the UFC star and drag him away.

It’s unclear whether a comment from the elderly man sparked the attack but McGregor’s reaction is nevertheless shocking to say the least.

The attack was reportedly to police at the time, with The Irish Sun previously reporting on the incident back in May.

According to their report, investigators from Sundrive Road Garda station in Crumlin completed a probe into the incident following a formal complaint from the man involved.

The CCTV footage was included in the probe which could have seen McGregor potentially facing Section Two Assault as a result.

A source told The Irish Sun at the time: “The file is almost complete and should be making its way to the offices of the DPP sometime this week.

“A complaint and a statement have both been made and it will now be a matter for the DPP for the next course of action.”

There are no reports of McGregor being charged over the attack.