Former MP has argued for the case of Donegal joining the UK

Former MP has argued for the case of Donegal joining the UK

FORMER Unionist MP has outraged many people in his shocking claims on Co. Donegal.

Lord Kilclooney, or as some may know him, John Taylor has voiced his support for Donegal joining Northern Ireland.

The politician has claimed that Dublin, Ireland's capital 'ignores' Donegal and it would benefit far more from being included within Northern Ireland and thus, the UK.

In giving an interview to OceanFmKilclooney was confident in his views that Donegal would reap the benefits of becoming a county outside of the Republic of Ireland.

Kilclooney said: "It would benefit from the block grant that we already enjoy in Northern Ireland, £10 billion a year we get."

"It really is the hinterland of Northern Ireland and it would be great to have it back in with us."

"The history of Donegal since 1921 is desperate. I've seen the population in Donegal dwindle. It's half what it was at the time of partition. Many have moved to the United Kingdom, to the north-west or to Glasgow. I think Dublin ignores Donegal."

People took to Kilclooney to task on Twitter, shocked at the fact that he was a former Unionist MP and now asking for Donegal.