Have we found the biggest breakfast in Ireland?

Have we found the biggest breakfast in Ireland?

IT WAS the big breakfast showdown — two avowed trenchermen took on the challenge of eating the biggest breakfast in Ireland.

Guaranteeing 8,000 calories, it consists of:

4 slices of brown bread

4 rashers

4 sausages


4 pieces of black pudding4 pieces of white pudding

4 fried eggs

4 grilled tomato halves

4 hash browns

Portion of beans

Portion chips

Fried mushrooms,


Tea / Toast

The breakfast is served at Murphy’s Law in Athlone, and recently attracted Randy Santel, star of hit show Man V Food the American food reality series, to take on the gargantuan feast and accompanying pub challenge — finish the lot, every last bean, in 30 minutes. If you can, there’s no charge.

Taking on local man Andrew Coq in the challenge, the Missouri gourmand gorged his way through the calories and completed the task within the allotted time. However the local man fell at the last hurdle and failed to finish everything up.

Doctors recommend that the average man consume 2,500 calories per day - meaning the Murphy's breakfast has over three days worth of calories.

At Murphy’s it’s obvious breakfast means breakfast, so do you know anybody who is up to the Murphy challenge? Tag them if you do!