Did you spot this major mistake on Game of Thrones?

Did you spot this major mistake on Game of Thrones?

THE FINAL series of Game of Thrones continues to divide fans, not least when it comes to some of the continuity errors that have come to the fore this season.

While plenty of loyal GoT lovers will argue that mistakes can and do happen on a show this brilliantly complex, others have given such bloopers short-shrift.

Largely criticised for taking viewers out of the action, the most notable of these mistakes came during a key scene in one episide where, for reasons unknown, a rather modern-looking Starbucks coffee cup could be seen sat in front of Emilia Clark’s Daenerys Targaryen.

While that particular gaffe was later edited out of the episode, the latest blooper to be spotted in the penultimate episode of the show will taking some doing to forget.

It comes during an emotionally-charged reunion between Jamie and Cersei Lannister.


Warning: some very mild spoilers known.

Anyone who has been keeping up with events on Game of Thrones will know Jamie had his right hand chopped off in the third season of the show.

He’s worn a fake gold hand ever since.

Or at least, until this particular episode.

Because it was here that one eagle-eyed Irish fan was able to spot that, for reasons unknown, Jamie’s right hand was back and better than ever.


Spotted on Cersei’s lower back during an emotional embrace between the pair, the initial gaffe is thought to have originated from a promotional image released ahead of the new episode.

But it has Game of Thrones fans questioning everything ahead of the show’s final episode – one even claimed to have spotted a knight wearing trainers.

It’s all making for a rather bumpy conclusion to one of the most successful TV series to ever come out of the island of Ireland.