Gardai find 24 more pubs in breach of Covid-19 regulations in one week

Gardai find 24 more pubs in breach of Covid-19 regulations in one week

TWENTY-FOUR more pubs in Ireland have been identified by gardai as breaking Covid-19 rules in just under a week.

So far, 105 pubs across the country have been found to be in breach of the new required coronavirus-related regulations.

Since the end of June, pubs that are able to offer customers a 'substantial meal' worth €9 or over have been allowed to open, providing they keep to the guidelines outlined by the government regarding the Covid-19 crisis.

Not only must they provide evidence for selling and serving food to their customers, they must ensure - among other things - that social distance is being kept between customers and staff, that none of their customers gather at the bar and that customers stick to pre-reserved time-slots.

On July 3, Operation Navigation was launched, which was designed to identify any premises which were failing to adhere to any of these regulations.


Gardai say that there has been "widespread compliance" to the rules by most pubs, but every week they identify more that have been flouting the rules.

Most non-compliant cases refer to no evidence of food being served or eaten. Pubs are required to keep receipts of food sales so that they can be proved.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Ireland would be once again delaying the start of Phase Four of the reopening plan, meaning that pubs that cannot serve food will have to wait another three weeks before being allowed to open.

As part of the announcement, it was also revealed that all pubs in the country will have to close by 11pm - a requirement that will begin from Monday.