Gardaí investigating reports of attempted abduction of two children by 'bearded old man' in rural Meath

Gardaí investigating reports of attempted abduction of two children by 'bearded old man' in rural Meath

GARDAÍ in Navan, Co. Meath are investigating reports of an alleged abduction attempt on two children by a motorist.

The incident reportedly occurred shortly before 5pm on Wednesday in Possextown near the village of Nobber.

An aunt of the children later took to Facebook, warning other parents about "some old guy with [a] long, white beard and in a blueish vintage car" who allegedly made a suspicious approach on the youngsters.

She said the man stopped his car, opened its door and "tried to abduct my niece and nephew walking to my house from theirs.

"They started running away so he drove off," she added.

In a statement, the Garda Press Office confirmed an investigation into the incident was underway.

"Gardaí in Navan are investigating a report of an alleged suspicious approach on the 10/04/19 at approximately 5pm in Possextown, Nobber," a spokesperson said.

"A male described as being in his 50s is reported to have stopped and gestured two children to get in a car. No injuries and car reportedly drove off."

Other abduction attempts

Gardaí are also investigating reports of two separate abduction attempts in Dublin and Co. Kerry earlier this month.

On April 1, a young schoolgirl was walking a few feet behind her grandmother in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 when she was allegedly urged to get into a car by a female motorist.

The woman is alleged to have offered the child sweets and to bring her to her mother, while another adult was apparently crouching in the backseat.

The suspicious approach was thwarted by the girl's grandmother, before her father took to social media to warn other parents about keeping their children close to them while walking home from school.

On April 6, an 11-year-old boy was allegedly approached by two men in a black Volkswagen Golf at Scartaglen GAA grounds in Castleisland, Co. Kerry.

Radio Kerry reports that the men chased the boy before he managed to escape through a hole in a fence and raise the alarm.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, a heroic young boy was commended by police in Derry this week after he rescued a teen girl from three men who grabbed her and tried to force her into their van.

The PSNI said brave lad Tiernan McCready "reacted instantly" when he shouted at the males before leading the girl to safety and telling his mother, who reported the attempted abduction to police.