Giant Arctic walrus found in Kerry reappears in Wales

Giant Arctic walrus found in Kerry reappears in Wales

A GIANT walrus which washed ashore on an island of the Irish coast last week has been spotted again-- this time in Wales.

The Arctic walrus made waves-- excuse the pun-- when it was spotted on Kerry's Valentia Island last week, puzzling the public and experts alike as it sunned itself on the rocks hundreds of miles from home.

The walrus, believed to be a young adult, is over 2 metres long, and was first spotted by a father-and-daughter as they took a stroll along the beach.

The appearance of a walrus in Irish waters is exceedingly rare, with less than 20 confirmed sightings over the past several centuries, and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group said the walrus may be the same creature who was spotted in the waters off Denmark in mid-February this year.

The Walrus was spotted on Valentia Island in Kerry (The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group / Facebook)

Marine biologist Kevin Flannery told The Irish Examiner at the time that he believes the walrus could have fallen asleep on an iceberg which carried it across the Atlantic ocean before it eventually arrived on Valentia Island on the west coast of Ireland.

Now it seems the walrus is taking its 'Celtic Adventure' even further as it has been spotted on a beach in Wales.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group confirmed that it is indeed the same creature who was spotted in Kerry six days previously as "the tusk length 8-9cm and the same white markings non the left flipper put this matter beyond doubt".

The walrus was spotted hundreds of kilometres away from Kerry on a beach in Wales (Welsh Marine Life Rescue)

The walrus travelled a whopping 450km to reach Wales from the south west of Ireland, easing fears that the creature was exhausted and malnourished-- it seemed to be in good health as it relaxes in South Pembrokeshire.

The Welsh Marine Life Rescue confirmed the walrus has now disappeared into the sea again, possible to make its way home-- or continue its adventure elsewhere.

Anyone who spots the Walrus in the future is asked to contact Seal Rescue Ireland on 0871955393 or the IWDG (here) for validation.