Giant owl ‘capable of eating a deer’ on the loose in Kildare

Giant owl ‘capable of eating a deer’ on the loose in Kildare

A GIANT owl is on the loose in Co Kildare and considered extremely dangerous.

The female Eurasian Eagle Owl, which goes by the name of Tank, escaped from owner Darren Jackson’s home in Curragh Grange while being fed.

She was last seen heading towards the M7 and is recognisable for the fact she has a thin leather strap with a bell on it attached to her.

Already nicknamed Owlington in the wake of her daring getaway, in truth the owl’s escape is no laughing matter.

Boasting a wingspan of 6ft 5in, the deer is capable of eating fully grown deer and her owner is urging members of the public not to approach the bird if they see it.

“If she is in a residential area, she is likely to try and rest under a bush if she is tired or stressed but in that instance I would recommend people not to pick her up or try to catch her as there is a potential for them to be hurt by her talons if they don’t know what they are doing,” Jackson told the Press Association.

Anyone spotting the owl has been asked to contact Gardaí or the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

A potentially lethal predator, owl strikes can often amount to something similar to blunt force trauma.

Owls have also been known to dive-bomb humans when they feel threatened and will almost always target the human skull.